High Clouds

When I started on this clouds I was excited to work on a 4 feet by 5 feet canvas, then I kind of lost my momentum so I put it aside and worked on their things. I pulled it out again, and I think I’ve improved this by leaps and bounds.

BUT, because I was working on a more personal level with my recent works, these clouds leaves me kind of cold. Maybe it’s the life experiences I’ve been having in the last five months, that coloured my views, that I feel now that it’s too superficial.

I don’t know what and where to add to or subtract from. I feel like I should be adding, or peeling back something. Or maybe it should go back to the wall, covered up with plastic sheeting.

or just let it go, and see if it ends up on someone’s wall. I don’t know.

The Clouds - work in progress?

The Clouds – work in progress?