Replacement sounds

I was talking with someone who is a video producer, explaining to him the idea behind my video shorts. The process of isolating the video from the sound.

He thought it was cool, but he suggested replacing the audio with the “sound of silence”, as it’s considered an industry standard to replace it with the “sound of silence”.

This is where I thought the conversation became interesting.

He could not imagine not hearing a sound. Not white noise, nothing. He couldn’t grasp the idea that there is no aural replacement. He explained to me, if he were to watch my videos and if there’s no replacement sound, he becomes acutely aware of the sounds of his own surroundings. The sounds of whatever room he’s in, the sound of the fridge, a fan, outside traffic, etc.

I tried to explain to him, that when I take off my hearing aid, it’s… There is no sound to replace it. It’s space. For me, there is no replacement. I either have my hearing aid in and I can hear ambiance and everyday sound; or I take it out, and there’s nothing. There is no replacement. I do not switch over to inside noise. The only sound I could possibly hear, with or without the hearing aid, is tinnitus, if I’m coming down with a cold, or a mental sound echo from a particularly loud environment, such as music concerts, loud movies, etc.

He can’t imagine not hearing anything, not even replacement sound. I can’t imagine hearing replacement sounds.