When we think of theatre, we often think of acts using visual and aural senses. That is to say, we hear the words spoken, and see the actors react to the words, and we also react to the actions on the stage. But what happens when we can’t hear the words spoken, as this is my challenge as a deaf person? We are left with visual imagery on the stage. I am not an actor, nor a theatre director, but I have a love for theatre, particularly Shakespeare.

For my project, I explore how to bring forth the visual imagery of Macbeth, and present an interpretation of the play using both abstract and figurative subjects. To convey atmosphere and mood, I explore the use of colour and texture, just as a stage director would use lighting and sound. Like the witches planting the idea in Macbeth’s head that he could be king, I want to plant visions in my audience as the play progresses.

The following are a selection of artworks from this series.