Adjusting the equalizer

Today, I found out how to set the equalizer on my iTunes player while I was painting this evening. I thought to myself, why not set it up like my charted hearing results?    I can’t tell you how that’s working out because I’m tone-deaf. It doesn’t sound any different from the pre-set equalizer settings.

The voice

When I was in speech therapy as a child, one of the methods used while learning how to speak was to put my finger on my throat, where the larynx or voice box, is, and feel the vibration as I speak. Being able to tell the difference between men, mat, mess, miss, mister, missus, etc. […]

The name game

How do I come up with names for my pieces, my paintings? Sometimes I might have a name long before I conceptualize a painting, or it might come to me a while after I sign a painting. Sometimes I might name it something, only to change it some times later. Sometimes it’s literal. A place […]

Invisibility and isolation

I have reached out to other people who are hard of hearing via an online group. In order to be respectful of their privacy, I won’t go into details about them. I’ll only relay experiences we’ve had: When we as deaf people are approached by strangers who do not know us, we aren’t invisible to them. Our […]

A work in progress

Sometimes, when I start a painting, I’ll decide the colours. For this one, I visioned red, radiant red, so I added Cadmium reds and yellows to my palette. I decided that I would use my audiograph results, and a sonograph of a favourite song. I would sketch out the sonograph, and try to imagine what […]

Halfway There

One month has already passed, and another month to go, before I give up the extended studio space and go back to my old perimeter! I think I might have to look for a new, bigger studio space soon, now that I have a sense of what it’s like to work in a bigger space. I’m […]


I don’t know if this is an actual quote attributable to someone, but lately I find this to be true: Every painting is a self-portrait. Today’s phone cam snippets. (Note: these snippets are just detail shots of a larger work, and only provides a sneak preview.)   We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council […]


I grew up with music. My mother nor my brother were musically inclined, but we had music in the house. Sometimes it was Mum’s Elvis albums playing, sometimes it was my brother’s KISS albums. I liked the pop music of the 70s, but am sort of too embarrassed to say which bands (*koffkoff Leif Garrett koffkoff Donny&Marie koffkoff*). Thanks to our differing […]

The Ravine

The Ravine represents my store of memories of driving in BC, through the ravines, the canyons, alongside the rivers. Fraser Canyon. Devil’s Canyon. Coquihalla Canyon. Driftwood Canyon. I once thought of not being able hear as a flaw. I pictured myself at the bottom of the canyon, where perfect hearing soars above me. Not anymore. The ravine is a nice place […]