Blog Update – 2016 Plans


2016 is still relatively a new year, with new plans. I had a rough start in January due to my cat Cartier’s failing health. This took away my focus, and once it became clear that it was time to let him go, I let go, with great emotional upheaval. If there’s a heaven, he’s up there with his partner-in-crime Bailey; and probably enjoying chin scratches from those who have departed in the past month as well – David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and so on. 

But not all is sad. I just recently receive word that Canada Council for the Arts approved my grant application for a creation of a new body of work based on the following proposal:

To explore spoken language, interperson communication and its emotional impact using drawing, painting and a/v installation.

It’s pretty broad spoken, but I’ve been taking notes, and have not quite formulated a definite plan yet, but that’s the whole purpose of a research/creation grant – the time and space to work on developing a new body of work. Part of the project is to do a public documentation of my work, via my blog here, which is why I was working on a redesign of my website to incorporate WordPress, so it becomes easy to add documentation as I go along. I must remember to add a new tag, “Project Language” or something like that, so it’s tag-able.

I’m currently working on finding a larger studio space as space is important for what I have in mind! I’ll also be working with a mentor throughout the research/creation phase, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

Currently I’ve been working on my Threshold series, and I’m nearing the end of that body of work, at least for now. I’ve got 2 more new works on the go, and hope to finish it before the project begins.

Please do drop a line via adding a comment here, or dropping a private email via the contact form. And share with your friends and family if you like a painting you see here.

Published January 27, 2016

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